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Augenstein red kite high trail


57319 Bad Berleburg

Elsoff site - view of the Protestant church

The exact year of construction of the Elsoff church is not known, but historians place it in the transitional period between the Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles. This means that it was probably built in the middle of the 13th century. A document refers to the Elsoffer church as a daughter church of Raumland.

The church has a large nave with three bays, adjoined by a smaller two-bay choir. After the old tower fell apart, it was replaced by a new one in 1869. In 1993, the nave was thoroughly renovated and partially redesigned. In some parts of the white interior, well-preserved remains of the medieval wall painting were uncovered during the renovation. The stalls date from the 18th century, and the carved date 1748 can still be seen.

Three bronze bells hang in the church tower, the largest of which was cast in 1442. It bears the name "Osanna" and is surrounded by an unusually long, six-line inscription. The slightly smaller bell dates from the same year and was cast by the same bell founder. The smallest bell was cast in 1526.

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