A real Hamme - the blacksmith museum in Arfeld


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The blacksmith museum in Arfeld offers both historical information and hands-on activities for visitors of all ages.

Schmiedemuseum Arfeld

Schmiedemuseum Arfeld

Schmiedemuseum Arfeld

Arfelder Schmiede

Ausstellung Arfelder Schmiede

Aussenansicht Arfelder Schmiede


A real Hamme - the blacksmith museum in Arfeld

Arfetalstraße 13

57319 Bad Berleburg

Telefon: 02755 767




The forge in Arfeld was built in the middle of the 19th century and later expanded to include a wainwright's shop and a metal waterwheel. Wagons made of steel and wood as well as agricultural implements were manufactured under the roof of the forge and wainwright's shop.

Shoeing farm animals was also part of the daily work. When the forge ceased operations in 1970, the local heritage association took over. The members repaired and restored the forge, wainwright's workshop, tools and machines.

In 2004, an extension was built for the Arfeld Hamme, which was reconstructed according to original drawings. The exhibition of craft and agricultural equipment on the upper floor is also worth seeing. Today, the forge is a listed building and is definitely worth a visit - especially because the "ardent fans" can still forge iron over the fire themselves. You can even get married here: there is a wedding room in the smithy.

Business hours

Es finden im Augenblick nur Führungen nach telefonischer Vereinbarung statt.   


Public Transit

Mit dem Bus R33 von Bad Berleburg nach Arfeld.

Getting there

Von Bad Berleburg über die L553 fahren. Gegenüber der Sparkassen-Filiale links in die Arfetalstraße einbiegen bis zum Haus Nr. 13.


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