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Eine Belichtungskorrektur von -1 führt zu einer natürlichen Farbe der Skulptur.

Treat yourself to a little detour: follow the short path along the creek bank down to the courtyard of the Black Factory. Many photo motifs await you there - especially the works of an art smith. However, many of these motifs are of a very dark color. This can irritate the camera's exposure meter. Check the image brightness after each shot. Does the color of the image on your camera display match the color of the subject? Often the image will be too bright.

If you are shooting with the camera's automatic function, there is a setting option for exposure compensation on almost every camera. Some cameras have a dial where you can set values from -3 to +3. Some cameras have a button labeled +/- and some cameras have an "Exposure Compensation" menu item. (Tip: If you can't find any of these three options on your camera, choose P mode on the exposure programs dial instead of full auto. Sometimes exposure compensation is not offered on full auto).

If your image has become too bright, set a negative value in the exposure compensation. -1 means that the image should only be half as bright. -2 means only a quarter of the brightness. Often -1/3 or -2/3 is already sufficient.

Two more tips:

  • Before you go any further, set the exposure compensation back to 0. Otherwise all further exposures will be too dark.

  • If you take pictures of very bright subjects at another location, they may appear too dark in the picture. In this case you can also use the exposure compensation. In this case, simply set a correction with a positive sign.


Photograph details of the sculptures in the Black Factory Park in such a way that the color and texture of the material can be seen optimally. Make sure that as little as possible is visible in the background apart from the sculpture in question.

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