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Cozy, small museum of local history, where you can browse and read numerous books by local poet Fritz Linde and writer Anny Wienbruch.

Das Fritz-Linde-Museum in Kierspe

Außenansicht Fritz-Linde-Museum



Höferhof 23

58566 Kierspe

Telefon: 02359/7584

Fax: 02359/661199



Visitors to the Fritz-Linde-Museum can look forward to books and letters by Kierspe's local poet Fritz Linde. As a poet writing in Low German, Linde made a name for himself beyond the borders of Kierspe and the Märkischer Kreis.

The books of the teacher and writer Anny Wienbruch are also on display. She wrote more than 100 children's books. The Kierspe Low German dictionary by Fritz Karge is also on display in the Fritz-Linde-Museum. It contains around 20,000 words and served as the basis for Fritz Linde's poetry.

Admission to the museum, which is run by the local history association, is free of charge. The museum is open every 1st Tuesday of the month from 15:00 to 17:00 and by appointment.

Culture lovers will find an invaluable treasure trove for local history enthusiasts here.

To cover running costs, the local history association provides hospitality at the Fritz-Linde-Museum. Donations are also gladly accepted.

In the Fritz-Linde-Museum, many books can be read and read aloud to save the local Low German language from extinction.

Tip : At a Kierspe listening point, not far from the Fritz-Linde-Museum, you can use a QR code to find out exciting information about this special museum. You can find out more under the entry "Kierspe listening points".

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