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The newly formed Lukas parish in Elsoff and Edertal has been in existence since January 2017. It was formed from the former Lukas parish, which was created in 2006 through the merger of Elsoff and Schwarzenau, and the parishes of Wunderthausen and Diedenshausen. The villages of Alertshausen, Beddelhausen, Christianseck, Diedenshausen, Elsoff, Schwarzenau and Wunderthausen now form a single parish.

Ev. Kirche in Elsoff

Ev. Kirche in Elsoff im Herbst

Kirchturm der ev. Kirche in Elsoff

Ev. Kirche in Elsoff


St. Luke's parish in the Elsoff and Edertal valleys

Am Kohlrücken (direkt neben der Kirche) 4

57319 Bad Berleburg

Telefon: 02755/240

Fax: 02755/224402



In 2009, the people of Alertshäuser, Beddelhäuser, Christiansecker, Elsoffer and Schwarzenauer celebrated the 950th anniversary of their parish together. Elsoff and the other villages in the parish were first mentioned in 1059.

The church in Elsoff is one of the oldest sacred buildings in the parish. As with some other churches in Wittgenstein, its date of origin is estimated to be the middle of the 13th century. The church's crumbling tower was replaced by a new one in 1869. By 1982, the church was in a desolate state. As a result, the interior and exterior of the nave were thoroughly renovated and partially redesigned until 1993, and then the tower was renovated in 2001 and 2002.

Schwarzenau has had an independent parish since 1876, before which the village was divided between Arfeld and Elsoff. When the current Schwarzenau church building was consecrated in 1860, the village on the Eder had already experienced some turbulent years in religious matters. In the 18th century, the village was a stronghold of radical pietism. The religious refugee Alexander Mack had eight people rebaptized in the Eder in 1708. He later left Schwarzenau and went to America, where his Church of Brethren became one of the most important religious groups. (For more information: Alexander Mack Museum)

Wunderthausen and Diedenshausen only separated from the Girkhausen mother congregation in 1891. The church in Diedenshausen probably dates back to the 13th century, but a fire in 1973 destroyed it so badly that it had to be thoroughly renovated. Wunderthausen was also mentioned in a letter from the Archbishop of Mainz as early as 1303. However, the present church was largely built in 1733.

There are also three chapels in the Lukas parish. In alphabetical order, the first is the Alertshäuser Chapel, which was built in 1820 as a half-timbered structure. The Beddelhäuser chapel is significantly older. It was first documented in 1553. The church is probably much older than this date suggests. During renovation work in 1906, objects were found in the stone altar that had been deposited here around 1300 or a little later. The Christiansecker multi-purpose chapel was built by the town of Bad Berleburg in 1975. In order to save the church from decay or even demolition, the people of Christianseck founded an "Association for the Preservation of the Christianseck Chapel e.V." in 2013, which bought the chapel from the parish in a long and laborious process and now runs it on its own.

Covering around 80 square kilometers, the new Lukas parish in Alertshausen, Beddelhausen, Christianseck, Diedenshausen, Elsoff, Schwarzenau and Wunderthausen has almost 2,400 parishioners (as of 3/2018).

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Fahren Sie von Schwarzenau Richtung Beddelhausen, nach dem Ortsausgang biegen Sie bitte links auf die L 902 Richtung Elsoff. Die Kirche ist am Ortseingang von Elsoff. Einen Parkplatz finden Sie vor der Kirche direkt am Ortseingang rechts.


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