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The Museum of Prehistory and Early History of the town of Balve invites you on a journey through 400 million years of Balve's history in the former Wocklum Stabhammer next to the Luisenhütte. Under the motto "Earth Treasures - Human Traces", the museum provides an insight into the exciting and varied natural and human history of the Hönnetal.


Museum of Pre- and Early History

Wocklum 10 a

58802 Balve

Telefon: 0171/3880148



Themed islands present the most important epochs and turning points - from the Devonian Age, when Balve was still located in a tropical shallow sea, to iron production in the Middle Ages. Visitors can also find out how people still benefit from Balve's "earth treasures" today. The objects on display highlight Balve's importance as a prehistoric and early history site of supra-regional significance. Dinosaur remains and other fossils from the Massif Limestone, Ice Age animal bones and Stone Age tools and weapons from the caves of the Hönne Valley continue to provide new insights into past living environments.

The Insthaus, a former workers' dwelling at the Luisenhütte, houses the "Hüttenschänke". The rustic ambience invites you to enjoy coffee and cake or small meals. When the weather is fine, the restaurant has a beer garden located directly in front of the main building of the Luisenhütte. The taproom seats up to 31 people and is also suitable for small groups. In consultation with the operators of the "Hüttenschänke", meetings can also be held outside opening hours. On such occasions, it is generally possible to organize exclusive "late or night shifts" in the Luisenhütte, i.e. guided tours outside opening hours.

Text: City of Balve (Jürgen Meller)

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