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The Neuenrade warm-water outdoor pool is located in a scenic location in the east of Neuenrade.





Outdoor pool Neuenrade

Friedrichstal 7

58809 Neuenrade

Telefon: 02392-61234





On Saturday, 06/24/2023 and Sunday, 06/25/2023 the outdoor pool will only be open from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm. There is no swimming in the afternoon.

The opening hours of the open-air pool are indicated separately, on holidays the times from 8.00 am to 6.30 pm apply.

The open-air swimming pool Friedrichstal in Neuenrade is open in summer from May to September. It is located in a scenic location, in the east of Neuenrade.

Although there are no longer pandemic conditions, all bath visitors are asked to follow the advice and instructions of the bath staff. Only if all bath visitors behave responsibly and considerately.

General description of the outdoor swimming pool

The swimming pool (25 x 50 m) is equipped with eight competition lanes, a wide water slide, a 1-meter diving board, a 3-meter diving tower and a non-swimmer pool.

The separate paddling pool has a size of 15 x 15 m.

On an outdoor / sunbathing area of about 15,000 square meters there are beach chairs, a kiosk, a beach volleyball court, a soccer field and a children's playground.

The entire bathing water treatment system has been completely renewed.

There is a gate in the cashier's area, which can be opened if necessary (please ring the bell). A visit to the outdoor pool with a stroller is therefore "child's play". A small step must be overcome afterwards. A disabled toilet and a disabled shower are available. With the help of an entrance staircase, the outdoor pool visitors can get into the pool. Thus, the Neuenrade outdoor pool is also very interesting under the aspects of barrier-free.

Admission tickets

To enter the pool, season tickets, 10-person tickets or one-way tickets can be purchased.

In case of loss, no replacement tickets will be issued.

The tariff for children and young people applies to the group of persons who have not yet reached the age of 18 when purchasing the ticket. This tariff also applies to pupils and students with the appropriate ID.

Admission is free for children up to and including 3 years of age.

For parents who have more than two children, the children / youth season tickets pay only for the two oldest children. The younger children get a free ticket upon application. This application can only be made at the citizens' reception of the city of Neuenrade. This regulation is only valid for Neuenrade families.

Season tickets for adults and children/young people can be bought at the reception of the Neuenrade town hall, Alte Burg 1, 58809 Neuenrade, as well as at the ticket machine in the open-air swimming pool.

Season tickets for severely disabled persons are only available upon presentation of a valid ID.

The lockers are equipped with deposit locks. Only one day use is permitted.

Opening times: 22 May 2023 - 19 Sep 2023

From Until
10:00 19:30

Opening times: 23 May 2023 - 20 Sep 2023

From Until
06:15 19:30

Opening times: 21 May 2023 - 20 Sep 2023

From Until
08:00 18:30


Tageskarte Erwachsene: 4 €
Tageskarte Erw. mit Schwerbehindertenausweis: 3 €
Tageskarte Kinder/Jugendliche: 2 €
Zehnerkarte Erwachsene: 32 €
Zehnerkarte Erw. mit Schwerbehindertenausweis: 21 €
Zehnerkarte Kinder/Jugendliche: 15 €
Saisonkarte Erwachsene: 90 €
Saisonkarte Erw. mit Schwerbehindertenausweis: 50 €
Saisonkarte Kinder/Jugendliche: 32 €

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