Pilgrimage site of the Pietists: Alexander Mack Museum


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Experience the interesting history and impressive culture of Schwarzenau with all your senses: This experience is guaranteed at the Alexander Mack Museum!



Pilgrimage site of the Pietists: Alexander Mack Museum

Zur Eiche 6 a

57319 Bad Berleburg

Telefon: 02755 8419




The Alexander Mack Museum in the Hüttental valley above Schwarzenau is a place of

a place to learn about important local history and at the same time a center for international encounters. In addition to the religious history of the past, the museum documents and presents the history of Schwarzenau and rural stockpiling. Due to the settlement of religious refugees in the 17th and 18th centuries, Schwarzenau experienced an extraordinary development. The rulers of the time were known for their tolerance in religious matters. Thus

they granted Huguenots and separatists a home in Schwarzenau.

Alexander Mack, who had come from Schriesheim near Heidelberg, founded a new radical pietist movement in 1708, which is now known as the Church of the Brethren and is one of the oldest churches with a free church tradition.

Mack baptized seven adults by immersing them three times in the River Eder. Between 1719 and 1735, the "Schwarzenauer Tunker" emigrated to America and today have more than two million members worldwide.

Business hours

In den Monaten Dezember, Januar und Februar ist das Museum nur nach Voranmeldung (telefonisch oder per Email) beim Museumswart Christoph Marburger zu besichtigen. Öffnungszeiten und Infos gibt´s bei Museumswart Christoph Marburger (02755 8419).


Eintritt frei


Public Transit

Mit Bus R 33 von Bad Berleburg nur bis Schwarzenau Ortsmitte möglich.


Fahrplan R33

Getting there

Aus Richtung Bad Berleburg kommend über die L553 nach Schwarzenau.

Ortsmitte nach links in die Straße "Am Kohlrücken" abbiegen. Auf dem Berg, links in die Straße "Roth" , links, Straße "Im Hüttental",  wieder links in die Straße "Zur Eiche" abbiegen.



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