Provost's Church of St. Peter and Andrew Brilon


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Brilon's parish church of St. Peter and St. Andrew was elevated to the status of a provost church in 1925. Seen from the market square, it is slightly elevated behind the town hall. The mighty west tower of the hall church, visible from afar, is considered Brilon's landmark.




Provost's Church of St. Peter and Andrew Brilon

Derkere Str. 10a

59929 Brilon

Telefon: 02961-96990

Fax: 02961-969996



Construction of the church began in 1220, and the small west tower was replaced by today's early Gothic tower around 1250. The 31 m high baroque dome was probably added in 1665 during the extension of the bell tower. The copper-gilt St. Pancras cross (around 1100) is considered an important artistic treasure. The surviving paintings from the 14th century include a remarkable portrait of St. Christopher in the south transept. The portals, whose columns have sharp grooves, are also interesting from an art historical perspective: rare traces of archaic sabre sharpening. Tower tours possible from May to October

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