Racing furnace model

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A true-to-scale replica of a racing oven


Racing furnace model

57072 Siegen Achenbach

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The replica of the racing kiln is located on the site where the well-known local historian Otto Krasa, together with H. Rohrbach, uncovered a very well-preserved racing kiln during excavation work in the 1930s.

The kiln vividly demonstrates how advanced the Celts were back then.

Large-scale excavations were carried out in the area, which were considered exemplary throughout Central Europe at the time. These excavations brought to light numerous smelting furnaces and forges.

The best-preserved original find was painstakingly recovered and can still be seen today in the Siegerland Museum in the Upper Castle, in the economic history section of the exhibition.

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Public Transit

Bus 112/113 von Siegen/ Hbf. nach Siegen-Achenbach

Getting there

A45 AS Siegen

B62 Richtung Siegen, dann links Richtung Gewerbegebiet Heidenberg,

an IKEA vorbei zum Ortsrand (Wallhausenstraße)

im Kreisel 3. Ausfahrt zum EDEKA-Parkplatz


EDEKA parking lot or Friedenskirche church