Germete sensory garden


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Sinnesgarten in Germete


Germete sensory garden

Quellenstraße 8

34414 Warburg

Telefon: 05694 9913730



"Strive to maintain the unity of the Spirit through the peace that binds you together" - the quote from Paul's letter to the Ephesians is one of the leitmotifs of the Future Ecumenism Workshop and at the same time the program. Discussions between the Germeter Serviam Sisters and members of the ecumenical community - the Laurentiuskonvent from Wethen - provided the impetus to address the spiritual, theological, socio-political and practical church dimensions of ecumenism. As a place of spiritual experience and rational reflection, the Josefshaus of the Germeter Sisters' Community is open to all those who wish to exchange ideas and develop common fields of action in this spirit.

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