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The "Glashütte" nature park parking lot is located between the two Bad Laaspher districts of Volksholz and Großenbach.

Parken in Glashütte


Hiking parking lot Glashütte

Glashütter Straße, hinter dem Hotel

57334 Bad Laasphe




Hiking experiences around Glashütte

The "Glashütte" hiking parking lot is the starting point for numerous hikes and walks. You can head for the village of Großenbach via the A 2 (6 km) or the A 6 (8 km) and continue from there in the direction of source of the Siegand the forest adventure trailand the forest adventure trail. The two varied paths lead uphill and downhill through forests and open landscapes. There are always fantastic views along the way. From the hiking parking lot, you can also walk around Volkholz(A 5; 5 km) or take a walk to Forsthaus Glashütte(A 7; 3 km). The Weidelbacher Weiher, the Lahnquelle spring or the Ilse valley pathare also worthwhile hiking destinations that can be reached from Glashütte.

Your local tourist contact: Tourist Information Bad Laasphe, telephone: (0)2752 / 89 8, e-mail: info@tourismus-badlaasphe.de


The facility belongs to the Naturpark Sauerland Rothaargebirge e.V. and is maintained and serviced by the park.

However, if you notice any soiling or damage, please let us know by sending an email to info@npsr.de.

Business hours

Der Parkplatz kann jederzeit befahren werden.


Getting there

Zufahrt über die Glashütter Straße. Parkplatz befindet sich oberhalb des Hotels.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass nach der Aktivierung Daten an den jeweiligen Anbieter übermittelt werden.