Hikers' parking lot Köhlerplatz

Parking lot

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On the L 719 not far from the Netphen district of Walpersdorf is the nature park hiking site "Köhlerplatz".

Der Wanderparkplatz dient als Einstieg in den Köhlerpfad


Hikers' parking lot Köhlerplatz

Ortsende Walpersdorf, L 719

57250 Netphen




Around the charcoal kiln

The hikers' parking lot "Köhlerplatz" is the starting point for numerous walks and hikes. From here a short loop leads along the Gitschenlangenbach(A 3; 3 km) or you have the possibility to hike further into the Ahornbach valley via the A 2 (8 km) after an initial level with the A 3. For families it is especially worthwhile to walk the charcoal burner trail(A 1; 5 km). It leads through the forest, along meadows, past charcoal kiln sites and provides information about the charcoal burner trade with the help of numerous display boards. In addition, the hikers' parking lot is an ideal starting point to reach the Iron Road, the Lahnhof, the Siegquelle and the nature park jewel "Waldinformationszentrum Forsthaus Hohenroth" on foot or by bike.

Your local tourist contact: City of Netphen, Tourist Office, phone: 02738 603-238 and e-mail: touristikbuero@netphen.de


The site belongs to the Naturpark Sauerland Rothaargebirge e.V. and is looked after and maintained by them.

However, if you notice any soiling or damage, we ask you to inform us by e-mail to info@npsr.de.

Business hours

Der Parkplatz kann jederzeit befahren werden.


Getting there

Kurz nach dem Ortsausgang Walpersdorf in Richtung Siequelle.

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