Bike Arena Sauerland - East Loop

Radeln nach Zahlen / Outdooractive Touren / Bike Arena Sauerland - East Loop
Mountains and valleys around the Biggesee are the motto of this road bike tour.


Tour starting point:

Drolshagen (market place)

Tour destination point:

Drolshagen (market place)


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  • Round trip
  • Refreshment stop

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79 km


3:50 Std.

Elevation ascent

1260 m

Elevation descent

1260 m

Altitude (Minimum)

254 m

Altitude (Maximum)

551 m





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Mountains and valleys around the Biggesee are the motto of this road bike tour. The starting point of the GPX track is the parking lot at the Mühlenteich in Drolshagen. Of course, you can start this round trip at any place you like.

From Drolshagen, the route first leads north to the Listerstausee and then to the Biggesee near Attendorn. The tour runs from Neu-Listernohl over the dam of the Biggetalsperre and around the Waldenburger Bucht. It continues via Helden in the Repetal to the western shore of the Biggesee. Over the heights the tour leads to the ski lift to Fahlenscheid, where you reach the ski area and the highest point of the tour. From here you continue in the direction of Wenden. On the way back to Drolshagen, there are still two crisp mountains to cycle on the last 10 km before you reach the starting point of the tour with a final descent.

Marketplace Drolshagen

Brunnen Marktplatz

The market square was created after the fire of 1838 in the structure of the new streets laid out at right angles.

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Aussichtsplattform Biggeblick

Der Biggeblick

Enjoy the feeling of freedom and space.

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Burg Schnellenberg

Die Burg aus der Ferne

With its mighty walls and soaring towers, Burg Schnellenberg towers majestically above the green hills of the Sauerland.

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Museum Wendener Hütte

The Wenden Ironworks is a technical cultural monument preserved in situ and a museum on the history of iron technology in southern Westfalen.

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Drolshagen - Germinghausen - Neu-Listernohl - Attendorn - Helden - Oberneger - Neuenkleusheim - Altenkleusheim - Elben - Gerlingen - Hillmicke - Iseringhausen - Drolshagenjunction sequence: 03 - 02 - 18 - 23 - 38 - 26 - 19 - 18 - 06 - 03

Safty guidelines

The racing bike tours of the Bike Arena Sauerland run on roads where motorized traffic is to be expected.

Public transiot

There are no train stations along the route. A limited journey is possible via bus transport. The nearest train station to the starting point is in Meinerzhagen.

Getting there

Drolshagen is located directly on the A 45 freeway (Sauerland line from Dortmund to Aschaffenburg) and has its own exit leading to Drolshagen from the north via Wegeringhausen and Hützemert. The route is even shorter via the Olpe exit in the south, which leads to the city center via the B 54 and B 55 federal highways that run together here.


There are sufficient parking facilities in and around Droslhagen.

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