Renewable Energy Tour Schmallenberg (round trip)

Radeln nach Zahlen / Outdooractive Touren / Renewable Energy Tour Schmallenberg (round trip)
The renewable energy tour shows all renewable energies in real applications at various stations in the Schmallenberg town area.



Tour starting point:

Schmallenberg, timber and tourism center - You can get on at any point along the route.

Tour destination point:

Schmallenberg, timber and tourism center - You can get on at any point along the route.


  • Insider tip
  • Round trip
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  • family-friendly
  • cultural / historical

Additional Information

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The Renewable Energy Tour was funded by the Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Nature Conservation and Consumer Protection of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.




41.3 km


3:23 Std.

Elevation ascent

425 m

Elevation descent

425 m

Altitude (Minimum)

351 m

Altitude (Maximum)

530 m





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This adventure bike tour, designed as a circular tour, shows at many different stations how renewable energies are used in Schmallenberg and its districts. Whether it is the hydroelectric power plant at the cutlery factory in Fleckenberg, or the photovoltaic systems and the biogas plant in the bioenergy village of Ebinghof. The stations can be found in almost all the villages visited.

Station firewood - sawing, splitting, packing
Hydroelectric power station at the former cutlery factory


Information on the use of hydropower at the former Hesse cutlery factory in Fleckenberg.

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Station local heating network Kirchplatz
Oberkirchen local heating network station
Station hydroelectric power station Lennemühle
Station Hydroelectric Power Plant Black Factory
Station Adjustable Local Network Transformer
Station photovoltaic plant Gerwens Hof
Renewable energy in Schmallenberg and Germany
Station Ferienhof Ax - (Additional) heating with solar thermal energy and wood
Bad Fredeburg local heating network station - school center
Station local heating network Bad Fredeburg - Sauerlandbad
Station Bioenergy Village Ebbinghof - Heat Grid and Wind Energy
Station Bioenergy Village Ebbinghof - Biogas and Photovoltaics
Station substation "Im Alten Felde
Station Energy Plus House



From the timber and tourism center in Schmallenberg, the tour on the SauerlandRadring first takes you to the "Brennholz" station in the Breite Wiese industrial estate and to the cutlery factory museum in Fleckenberg. On the Philosophenweg, you cycle along a former railroad line back to the center of Schmallenberg and via Weststraße to the "Nahwärmenetz Kirchplatz" station at the parish church of St. Alexander. The tour continues back along Weststraße with its classicist buildings on the SauerlandRadring in the direction of Bad Fredeburg. There are two more stops along the way, the Energie-Plus-Haus and the transformer station. The route passes Bad Fredeburg on the former railroad line and you leave the SauerlandRadring to the left in the direction of Ebbinghof. After visiting the 2 stations in the "bioenergy village", turn here and follow the tour to the local heating network at the SauerlandBad and the combined heat and power plant at the school center. Via the cycle path, with a view over the Schmallenberg Sauerland, you reach Holthausen to 2 stations that show the (additional) heating with wood and solar thermal energy and the importance of renewables in the electricity mix. Continue to Niedersorpe to the photovoltaic and adjustable local grid transformer information points. Along the Sorpe and then the Lenne (Lenneroute cycle path), the tour heads for the last stops in Oberkirchen, local heating and hydropower and the hydropower plant at the Schwarze Fabrik. From there, you cycle back to the timber and tourism center.You can easily reach the starting point of the "Renewable Energy Tour" in Schmallenberg via the "Lenneroute" cycle path or by bus.

Public transiot

You can reach Schmallenberg with the bus lines SB9 from Lennestadt, S90 from Mechede or with the line S40 from Winterberg.For timetable information: rlg-online.deFor the return journey from Oberkirchen to Schmallenberg, you can take the S40 bus line (for timetable information)

Getting there

To get to the "Schmallenberg" entry point for the "Renewable Energy Tour", follow the signs "Stadthalle" or "Holz- und Tourismuszentrum" or the red/white information sign "i" within the town of Schmallenberg.Address for directions via navigation device: Poststraße 7, 57392 Schmallenberg


Parking is available at the town hall in Schmallenberg, 200 m from the wood and tourism center. There are several public parking lots along the

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