Tour 3 - Gipfelstürmer with start and finish at the Radpoint in Winterberg

Radeln nach Zahlen / Outdooractive Touren / Tour 3 - Gipfelstürmer with start and finish at the Radpoint in Winterberg

Forest and nature round trip to the viewpoint Ziegenhellen

Auf dem Radweg Winterberg nach Züschen

Tour starting point:

Bike point at the train station in Winterberg

Tour destination point:

Bike point at the train station in Winterberg


  • promising
  • Round trip
  • Refreshment stop




32.4 km


3:10 Std.

Elevation ascent

593 m

Elevation descent

570 m

Altitude (Minimum)

471 m

Altitude (Maximum)

832 m





Recommended seasons


For "summit strikers" the scenic bike tour is just perfect. Am Kahlen Asten past, the path leads first to the idyllic "forest village" Mollseifen. The small village is embedded in untouched nature. Breathe in deeply the spicy scent of the forest - that is pure wellness!

The trail continues through the magnificent high forests near Züschen - until you finally reach the Ziegenhellen. On one of the highest peaks of the Rothaargebirge, a wildly romantic landscape spreads out. The Ziegenhelle tower towers high above the treetops: those who climb it enjoy a fantastic 360-degree panorama over the forested heights of the Rothaargebirge. The view stretches as far as the Medebach Bay and from the Kahler Asten to the Edertal.

The small detour to the Ziegenhellen tower is a must!

In the climatic health resort Züschen the excursionists stroll through the pretty village center with its half-timbered and slate houses and through the spa park or have a look at the Snow World "in green". Several restaurants recommend themselves for a cultivated break. After a rest, guests cycle the last few kilometers along the former railroad line to Winterberg.

Alme village


Dorf Alme Winterberg
Your place in the sun

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Panorama Café - Restaurant


Café - Restaurant - Lounge - Terrace

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Bistro "daily"



Until Helleplatz, the W4 cycle path runs parallel to the W3. At Helleplatz we turn right and pass the former quarry at Wetzstein. After about 2 km we reach the shelter at Bürbigsplatz. We go to the right always slightly downhill to the "Walddorf" Mollseifen. It goes straight on over the road Mollseifen - Züschen slightly uphill to the camping site at the mountain station of the ski lift. The cycle path W4 now leads, first slightly downhill, then uphill to the right to the height of the Zwistberg. Now we continue level at first, then the path leads us down to the left until we reach a sharp right turn. Here we have to be careful, because our bike path now leads to the left over an unpaved forest path up to the HW of the SGV X14. We do not follow the X14, but ride parallel over a paved forest path. After about 2 km we turn right up to the Wachshütte at point 704.5. W4 continues uphill to below the tower on the Ziegenhellen. We have reached the highest point here and now go downhill, left downhill, to the ski hut "Homberg". The tarred road leads steeply down into the Ahre valley. At the hotel we keep to the right and then ride along the right side of the valley following the road Ockelsbach. Just before the underpass we turn right and the next left. We meet the former railroad line and follow it uphill towards Winterberg.

Public transiot

Winterberg is easily accessible by train and the marketplace is located a few minutes from the train station.

Getting there

Winterberg can be reached via the main roads 480 and 236.


Free parking at Winterberg train station.

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