The signage

The signposting helps you to orientate yourself without any problems and to concentrate fully on the beautiful landscape of Sauerland and Siegerland-Wittgenstein and the sights along the way. This makes for relaxed cycling and enjoyment of nature!

The junctions are located at intersections of the NRW cycle path network. At the current location, the red number of the junction is clearly visible above the sign post.

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The information boards at the junctions show on the map sections the possible routes to the respective next junctions and provide information about places and sights in the immediate vicinity.

The arrow signposts show the local and long-distance destinations with the kilometer indication. The destination pictograms in front of the respective local and long-distance destinations indicate, for example, train stations or tourist information. The route pictograms provide information about the nature of the route, e.g. whether it is a railroad route.

Erläuterungen zum Pfeilwegweiser nach HBR

The inset with the red number below the respective arrow signpost indicates the direction and number of the nearest junction. The yellow numbers or letters indicate the course of bike routes of the Bike Arena Sauerland. Further inserts with pictograms indicate the course of supra-regional cycle routes, e.g. Ruhrtalradweg, SauerlandRadring, etc.

Intermediate signposts serve exclusively to confirm the route guidance and are therefore used without destination, distance information and route logos. The signposts are used at points where the cycle path network only follows one route and does not offer any branching possibilities.

Verschiedene Zwischenwegweiser im Radnetz

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