Marsberg - Padberg

Padberg is located in the eastern Hochsauerlandkreis in North Rhine-Westphalia directly on the border to Hesse (Waldeck).

The village is situated on a mountain spur, which is bordered by the valleys of the Diemel (south) and the Hoppecke (north) and is partly less than 1.5 kilometers wide.

Already in former times a road led over these hills, which reached from the area of Lippe to Korbach and from there provided a connection to the important trade route, the "Weinstraße". For this purpose, the road led from Beringhausen in a short, steep climb up to the top of the pass and then on the other side along the Rhene back down to the Diemel.

The view of Padberg is dominated by its two-towered, bright sun-yellow, baroque church "St. Maria Magdalena" and the Alter Hagen or also called Padberg, a 519 m high cone-shaped mountain, on which the knightly dynasty of Padberg had its seat in former times.