Nuttlar is known for its grain distillery and as "the slate village". The village was shaped by the underground and surface mining of slate. Today, visitors can learn more about the mining history on a guided tour of the former slate mine. An information point with 5 display boards and an open picnic hut can be found at the end of Nuttlar (in the direction of Brilon, turn right at the Top car dealership). But not only that: If you want to discover the former mine in a completely different way, you can dive through a part of the former tunnels. Shortly after leaving the village in the direction of Kallenhardt, you will find the much-visited recreational area "am Evenkopf" with a spacious parking lot for hikers, SGV hiking home, playground and soccer field, pedal pool and much more. The village of Nuttlar also includes the small, beautifully situated district of Grimlinghausen, with the Lourdes Grotto.