Schmallenberg - Westernbödefeld

The village lies 450 m above sea level about two kilometers northwest of Bödefeld.

Adjacent villages are Brabecke, Bödefeld, Gellinghausen, Dornheim and Frielinghausen.

In 1314 Westernbödefeld (then known as Western Bodefeld) was mentioned for the first time. In Westernbödefeld there was a place of execution and a free court chair "An der Linde".

During the Thirty Years' War the village was almost completely destroyed by looting and pillaging. The plague also contributed to the extermination of whole families. Nevertheless, the survivors found the courage to rebuild their houses. They built a chapel in the upper part of the village and dedicated it to the apostles Peter and Paul.

Around 1716, the Virgin Mary became the new patron saint of the chapel. In 1945 the old chapel had become dilapidated and too small, so in 1952 it was rebuilt on the present site and consecrated in 1953.