Meschede - Mountains

The district of Berge, located in the west of the city, lies in the Wennetal, along the former Wennetal railroad line. In 2012, the Sauerland Radring Nordschleife (40 km long circuit) was opened on this route. It leads through the Wennetal via Wennemen to Meschede and along the Hennesee to Eslohe Sallinghausen, where it branches off onto the original Sauerland Radring, which connects the communities of Finnentrop, Eslohe, Schmallenberg and Lennestadt on an 84 km circuit.

The Jüppkenpark is very popular with tourists. It is an idyllically situated park with a small pond including a fountain, a playground, a barbecue area and a Kneipp facility with a pedal and arm pool. Every year on Ascension Day, the Jüppkenfest takes place here.