Sundern - Amecke

If you are looking for balm for your soul, you can look forward to the village of Amecke, located directly on the southern shore of the Sorpesee. Next to the well-preserved castle grounds of the von Wrede family, there is a golf course for everyone, wonderfully embedded in nature. Of course, the guest can also enjoy sports at the adjacent Sorpesee with all its possible water sports activities, as well as cycling or hiking on the lake circuit and in the gently hilly surroundings. Why don't you also follow the premium hiking trail "Sauerland-Waldroute", which leads along the Amecke dam into the local forests. A walk in a class of its own is offered by the newly built promenade with the "Airlebnisweg" around the reservoir. Here there is a lot to experience for all ages on 3 km.

In Amecke there is also the landing stage for a boat trip across the Sorpesee.