Hüsten was mentioned in documents as early as 802 and in the Middle Ages was considered one of the twelve ancestral parishes of the Sauerland. In the 12th century, the existing church, which had become dilapidated, was replaced by a larger one, of which the remains of the tower masonry of St. Petri can still be seen today. Today, Hüsten's importance as a church town is commemorated by the more than 1100 year old fair, which dates back to the church consecration festival of that time.

Every year on the 2nd weekend in September, the Hüsten funfair attracts well over 100,000 visitors.
With a total of 40 km of lake shore, the Möhnesee awaits you, the Westphalian sea in the north-west of the Arnsberg Forest. The Möhne Dam dams the Möhne and Heve rivers between the districts of Brüningsen and Günne. At the dam is the landing stage for the catamaran. A boat trip on the MS Möhnesee through the Arnsberg Forest Nature Park with docking maneuvers during the trip is an exciting experience.