Medebach - Titmaringhausen

Those who come to Titmaringhausen for the first time find that the road truly ends here, at least for cars. But this idyllic vacation resort is a lively village with a very strong sense of tradition and village community. Titmaringhausen is surrounded by high mountains. The location at the foot of the "Hohe Pön" offers ideal hiking opportunities with charming views. Don't miss to have a look at the Fresenhof (1708) with granary (1658) in the village center, one of the most beautiful half-timbered houses in the Medebach area! Whether at the barbecue area, pedal pool, fishing pond, sports field or beautiful village center with park and playground - in Titmaringhausen you will experience relaxing vacations.

A visit to the newly renovated St. Antonius church, which was built in 1623, is recommended.