Medebach - Düdinghausen

The pretty mountain village, formerly a well-known wood-turning village, impresses with its historic village center with a listed church. A Freistuhlerinnerungsstätte and house plaques tell the exciting history of this border village. A bakery with a café 150 m above the church offers refreshments along the way. In the evening you can stop at 2 cozy inns. A walk up the nearby Kreuzberg is rewarded with a magnificent view. A special experience is offered by the certified premium nature trail Kahler Pön (774 m) with grandiose views and high heath areas. Impressive insights into the history of the earth are provided by the geological circuit, also certified as a premium trail, with four quarries, a medieval hollow way and a gorge (6 km, information boards and flyer). Starting point Kirchplatz, parking lot: "Heimathaus" on the L854 (directly on the GeoRadroute Ruhr-Eder).