Even in early times, Drolshagen was a junction of important trade routes. Numerous hollow ways, also called Schlüsen, led through the forests. Here, between Junkernhöh and Schützenbruch, you can learn a lot of interesting facts about the old paths and life in earlier times on a nature trail that runs directly in the remarkable bundle of hollow ways.

Drolshagen has a special offer for creative people and art lovers. Directly at the Listersee lies the approx. 7 km long 'KuLTour', a hiking trail on which more than 20 works of art made of natural materials can be viewed in a beautiful landscape.

Also worth seeing: the Eichener Mühle, the labyrinth at Stupperhof*, the Alte Bahnhof in Hützemert* and the Wegeringhauser Tunnel, the Listersee, the Alte Kloster, the St. Clemens Basilica and the market place in Drolshagen (*service on weekends).