The market square with its neat half-timbered houses was built after the devastating town fire of 1838. The oldest form of the St. Clement parish church dates back to the year 1050. After the Cistercian monastery was founded in 1235, the church was rebuilt into a basilica in Romanesque style. According to the rules of the Cistercian order, the church was initially without a tower. The tower was added during the construction of the city fortifications and also served as a defense tower. Right next to the Church of St. Clement is the Old Monastery, dating from the 13th century, which today houses the city's building office and music school.

Also worth seeing: the Eichener Mühle, the Schlüsenlehrpfad (a hollow path bundle near Junkernhöh), the labyrinth near Stupperhof*, the old train station in Hützemert*, the Wegeringhauser Tunnel and the Listersee with the art hiking trail "KuLTour" (*service on weekends).