Olpe - Kirchesohl

Here you are in Olpe-Kirchesohl, at the gates of the beautiful district town of Olpe and directly at the Biggesee, Westfalen's largest dam. From here you have numerous opportunities to explore the lake by bike. For example, use the lake bike path of the Biggesee-Listersee cycling experience, which runs along the entire shore and is especially appealing to families. To the west of your current location, the approx. 28 hectare Alsmicke Valley nature reserve, which has been placed under protection due to the special beauty of the stream valley and the hillside forests, among other things, frightens you. East of the site, on the other shore of the lake, you can let your gaze wander to the nature reserve Hoher Bilstein. The approx. 380 meter high lookout point of the same name invites you to an excursion at any time of the year.