Attendorn - Bremge pilot reservoir

Here you are at the Bremge forebay on the east side of Biggesee. On the way in the northern direction, you can enjoy the view of Gilberg Island. The uninhabited island was created after flooding of the Biggesee, when the forested hilltop was separated from the shore by a narrow body of water. The island is a feeding and passage biotope for numerous waterfowl. Together with the water area and the southern shore region of the Biggesee, the Gilberg Island forms the largest nature reserve in the Attendorn area. Further in the direction of the city center of Attendorn, in the area of Waldenburger Bucht, you will find the sight "Waldenburg Ruin", remains of a high castle, which was built there in the 17th century. In addition, at a distance of about 200 m you will find the "Waldenburg Chapel", a pilgrimage site from the 18th century at the Biggetalsperre.