Attendorn - Biggedamm

Here you are below the Biggedamm. Over the bridge you reach the lake and the Biggedamm. At the end of the dam you come to the boat landing stage and can set sail from there. The "Weiße Flotte" offers 2-hour boat trips around the lake. If you go around the lake to the left, you will come to the Waldenburg Bay recreation area. There you can visit the ruins and the chapel of Waldenburg. Furthermore, the new Aussichtsplattform Biggeblick offers a fabulous view over the lake. The paths around the lake invite to sport activities like cycling, running, skating or walking. Along the Biggerandweg, many rest and resting places have been created as part of the REGIONALE 2013, which invite you to take a short break and offer a fabulous view over the lake and the landscape.