Olpe - Oberveischede

Here you are at the entrance of the Olpe district Oberveischede. The village of Oberveischede has 800 inhabitants and owes its name to the Veischede brook, which flows into the Lenne in Lennestadt-Grevenbrück. Oberveischede was awarded the title "Landesgolddorf" in the competition "Unser Dorf hat Zukunft" in 2012. In the idyllic village center, about 500 meters from your current location, you will find typical Sauerland half-timbered architecture in numerous places, as well as several cozy places to stop for refreshments and overnight stays. At a distance of about 10 kilometers you will reach the district town of Olpe with its lively city center in the immediate vicinity of the Biggesee. Following the signposts further north, you will reach the picturesque Repetal with its numerous restaurants and overnight accommodations after about 7 kilometers.