Finnentrop - Rönkhausen

The village lies at the confluence of the Glinge and the Lenne and still has some historic farm houses. Somewhat northwest at the 3-county stone, the Olpe district, the Märkischer Kreis district and the Hochsauerlandkreis district meet.

The mountain range north of Rönkhausen consists of very resistant graywacke, which is why this rock was mined on a large scale in the past. It was brought to the railroad station in Rönkhausen via a cableway and loaded there. Even today, there are large enterprises of the woodworking and wood processing industry here.

Also worth seeing is the Pumpspeicherwerk on the Dahlberg, which was built between 1964 and 1969 and is the oldest such facility in Germany, where the pumps also function as turbines. From the circular path around the upper basin you have a wide view over the surrounding area.