Bad Sassendorf - Ostinghausen

Ostinghausen and Oestinghausen, two neighboring villages, which can trace their name origin back to the Old Saxon "Osdag" (God). Nevertheless, it is certain that the document dating from July 1253 refers to Ostinghausen, not Oestinghausen. The village is crossed by the Ahse and the Wöstbach and is divided into three parts: the church village with the church as its center, the settlement Neuenkamp which was built around 1800 for the servants of the manor Haus Düsse and the farming community, a number of old farms along the Ahse. The former knight's estate Haus Düsse (photo), which is not too far away and surrounded by a moat like the moated castles in Hovestadt and Nehlen, brings feudal splendor to the village. Today, it is an "experimental and educational center for agriculture" of the Chamber of Agriculture.

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