Geseke - Ermsinghausen

Ermsinghausen is the smallest district of the town, located northeast of Geseke, with an area of 1.13 sq. km. After the introduction of the Westphalian Landgemeindeordnung in 1841, Ermsinghausen together with 5 communities formed the Amt Geseke in 1843, which was renamed to the Amt Störmede in 1845. In the course of the municipal reorganization in 1975 Ermsinghausen, at that time 260 ha in size, was divided between the towns of Geseke and Lippstadt in the newly formed district of Soest.

From Ermsinghausen you can ride the cycle path in different directions. To the southeast you will reach the Geseke district of Langeneicke with its lovingly designed church square around the St. Barbara Church.

Southwest of Ermsinghausen lies the beautiful baroque Wasserschloss Schwarzenraben, which was probably built between 1765 and 1768. Driving in a northerly direction, you will cross the protected landscape area of Forst Schwarzenraben and arrive in Dedinghausen.