Geseke - Störmede

"Sturmithi" - that was the name of Störmede in the first documentary mention in 826 in the register of donations of the Corvey monastery - is the largest district of the town of Geseke. The active village, which has won several awards in the "Our Village has a Future" competition, uses Haus Nazareth as a meeting place. Haus Nazareth as well as the monastery church belonged to the Augustinian monastery Nazareth founded in 1483 by the Lords of Hörde.

Directly on the Steinweg is the Heimathaus, which was inaugurated in 2003 and shows life in the country 80 to 100 years ago. In the half-timbered house you can not only drink coffee once a month, but also get married. Another wedding room of the city of Geseke is located in the manor Störmede. The history of the manor, founded in the 12th century, is characterized by numerous destructions and reconstructions. For years, the ruin led a wildly romantic existence until it was converted and rebuilt into an upscale restaurant in 2013.