Anröchte - Altengeseke

Altengeseke (population approx. 900) was first mentioned in a deed of donation dated April 1, 833 from Emperor Louis, son of Charlemagne, to his faithful Count Rhidag. He decreed the donation of "cultivated and uncultivated lands" to Geiske (Altengeseke), among others. From this it can be concluded that the village already existed at that time and must therefore be much older. Today Altengeseke is one of the 10 villages of the newly formed municipality of Anröchte in 1975. The well-preserved farms, the well-kept quarry stone and half-timbered buildings and the use of the local green sandstone in many areas attract "the eye". A special attraction is created by the catholic church St. Nikolaus, built from 1752 to 1756, which expresses the splendor and beauty of the baroque architectural style after a fundamental exterior and interior renovation.