Warstein - Belecke

The foundation of the town of Belecke with 60 houses took place in the 2nd half of the 13th century on the Propsteiberg hill rising here, which belonged to the property of the monastery. The Archbishop and Elector of Cologne, Siegfried II of Westerburg, granted Belecke town charter in a document dated December 12, 1296. In the same year Belecke separated as an independent parish from the mother parish Altenrüthen. The provost became the parish priest of Belecke at the same time.

Until well into the last century, Belecke was a small agrarian town with a small share of crafts and trade, although it was a member of the Hanseatic League. With the construction of fixed roads: Meschede-Lippstadt (B55) 1823/26 and Brilon-Neheim (B516) 1849/50 as well as the railroad lines Lippstadt-Warstein 1883 and Soest-Brilon 1898, Belecke had become an important traffic junction. The industrial development could be initiated.