Welver - Vellinghausen-Eilmsen

With 7,72 square kilometers Vellinghausen - Eilmsen is the largest district of the municipality Welver. In 2001 the citizens celebrated their 1111 year celebration after a new discovery of a document from 890, where Eilmsen was named under Egilmaringhusen.

Worth mentioning is the Battle of Vellinghausen from the Seven Years War of 1761, where the French were defeated under the command of the Duke of Brunswick. A monument outside the village refers to this event. In addition, a diorama on a scale of 1:250 with about 2500 pewter figures is exhibited in the Heimathaus Welver. On an area of 24 square meters such a gripping and in many details astonishing illustrative piece about the battle has been created. The castle Vellinghausen, as a landmark of the double village, was built in 1300. The first owner was Rötger von Galen.