Welver - Borgeln

The first documentary mention of Borgeln dates back to 1166, when the knight Helwicus von Holthausen bought a forest, formerly called "Broil", near Burgelon. The steeple of the Romanesque church, built of green sandstone, dates back to 1050. According to Senator Schwarz, the tower is the oldest sacral building in the Soest Börde. In 1712 the church was rebuilt into the present hall church. Today, the church is the center of the Protestant parish of Borgeln, to which the surrounding villages belong. Another gem of the village, besides the romantic church, is the old half-timbered parsonage from 1805. Also worth seeing is the "Ehrenhain", a park-like area and an old cemetery, where the fallen of both world wars from the parish of Borgeln are commemorated in a dignified way.