Welver - Illingen

Between the Salzbach and the Bewerbach on the northwestern border of the district of Soest lies the village of Illingen. Illingen was first mentioned and documented in 1289. "Haus Illingen", formerly a moated castle and now privately owned, is one of the oldest possessions. The name Illingen is said to be derived from Illinghusen and later from Illing. In the field names of Illingen the term Kamp (Kuhkamp, Viets Kamp, Auf dem langen Kamp, Dornkamp, Erlkamp, Kreuzkampe etc.) appears frequently. Since Kamp, means as much as Weide, it can be assumed that many cows and other animals were kept in Illingen. Even today, agriculture is of special importance in Illingen. By the way: In the next district Scheidingen lies the topographically proven "center of Westfalen", which offers a direct connection to the cycle path on the former railroad line Welver-Unna-Königsborn.