Warstein - Niederbergheim

The first agricultural settlements in the area of Nieder- and Oberbergheim may have existed as early as the time of Charlemagne (747 to 814). In particular, the root word of the place name "-heim" points to Frankish origins. Closely connected with all mentions of Niederbergheim is the settlement area of Oberbergheim. In the Prussian period, at the beginning of the 19th century, the municipality of Allagen/Niederbergheim was formed.

The construction of the romantic grist mill was ordered by the Archbishop of Cologne in 1551 and went to the Teutonic Knights of Mülheim in 1590. The Bockum-Dolffs family acquired it at an unknown date, had it equipped with the latest technology in 1787 and added a sawmill, which operated until 1972. The milling operation had already been stopped in 1960. Today, the complex houses a well-known gallery of arts and crafts.

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