Möhnesee - Körbecke lake park

The central village of Körbecke, located directly on the lake, is a state-recognized resort and the seat of the municipal administration.

Here you will find the tourist information and numerous shopping facilities, doctors and pharmacies. Sights include the St. Pancratius Church and the old half-timbered house Stockebrand. The pedestrian bridge connects Körbecke directly with the Arnsberg Forest recreation area. The lakeside promenade, Möhne shipping, bathing and boat landing stages, as well as surfing and sailing schools invite visitors to take part in activities.
The physical well-being is provided in dignified pubs and restaurants.

The Möhnesee Tower: From the platform of the new "Möhnesee Tower" nature lovers can enjoy a view of the special landscape at a height of 38 meters. The "Möhnesee Tower" is approximately six meters long, six meters wide and 42 meters high. By stairs it goes altogether seven floors in the height, up to the large observation deck, which offers a fantastic all-round view.