Bad Sassendorf - Lohne

We are located here on the border between Bad Sassendorf with Lohne and the town of Erwitte with Schallern as the next district. Not far from this site is the Ahse nature reserve. Stream sections enriched with deadwood provide a valuable habitat for the fish species found in the watercourse, such as brown trout and bullhead. The Ahse floodplain is characterized by a borderline-rich mosaic of field copses, rows of trees, hedgerows, fallow land, cattle pastures and small plots of arable land. Another nature reserve, the Woeste (fen), is located between the Bad Sassendorf districts of Bettinghausen and Ostinghausen. It provides a habitat for numerous rare animal and plant species and is home, for example, to one of the largest populations of tree frogs in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Woeste is also where the Bad Sassendorf moor is extracted for healing purposes.