Lippstadt - Lohe

Like the core city, the districts also have their own eventful history. In terms of population, Lohe is the smallest district of Lippstadt. From here it is a good 10 kilometers to the spa town of Bad Sassendorf. Grown in the lap of a centuries-old cultural landscape, it has developed into an atmospheric refuge for health and relaxation, creativity and culture. The silhouette of the nearby district town of Soest is dominated not only by the churches but also by the medieval city walls and numerous secular buildings worth seeing made of the green sandstone typical of Soest. From Lohe you can also reach the village of Herzfeld, which belongs to the municipality of Lippetal, by bicycle. Herzfeld was first mentioned in a document in 786 and is thus the oldest settlement in the Lippe valley. Around 790, St. Ida and her husband Ekbert build one of the first Christian churches in Westphalia here. The parish church Basilica St. Ida is a popular Catholic pilgrimage church in honor of St. Ida.