Soest - Ampen

Ampen is the largest district of the city of Soest with approx. 1,700 inhabitants. The approx. 1,700 inhabitants are spread over a total area of 4.4 km2, at an altitude of approx. 92 m to 118 m above sea level. The village of Ampen was mentioned for the first time in 833 in a document of Emperor Louis the Pious, a son of Charlemagne, thus three years earlier than the town of Soest itself. Ampen has always been agricultural - with one special feature: there were several quarries, from which mainly the green sandstone for the large Soest churches came. The quarries were located south of the former B 1, but were abandoned at the latest after the Second World War. In the topography, the old quarries are no longer recognizable today. Today there is still agriculture in the village, but one can no longer speak of an explicit character.