Bad Sassendorf

Salt has played an important role in Bad Sassendorf for more than a thousand years. The precious "white gold" was once extracted from the brine springs, and brine has been used for health purposes since the middle of the 19th century. The adventure museum "Westphalian Salt Worlds" is dedicated to the topics of salt and brine. On 900 m² of exhibition space, visitors embark on a voyage of discovery, extract brine, create crystals and experience how a salt worker went about his trade a hundred years ago. Through the "crystal" they enter the everyday and health-related theme worlds and experience how Bad Sassendorf developed into a modern rehabilitation location. Many stores, cafés and restaurants invite you to stroll and enjoy. Also in the 30 hectare spa park with Gradierwerk and theme gardens and in the SoleTherme with bathing and sauna landscape, sea salt grotto and wellness center, it is wonderful to relax.