Lüdenscheid - Verse

Welcome to the county seat of the Märkischer Kreis. With an altitude difference of over 300 meters only in the city area (232-539 m above sea level) you are on challenging cycling terrain. Here, around the Versetalsperre, you can discover the charming local recreation area in the south of the city, which is appreciated by guests and Lüdenscheid residents alike. The drinking water dam holds 32 million cubic meters and is dammed up with a dam instead of a wall. In conjunction with other dams in the area, it not only supplies the population with drinking water, but also helps to secure the water supply for the Ruhrgebiet - which also explains why they are operated by the Ruhrverband. The 1.9-kilometer KNAX trail, a Naturerlebnispfad for the whole family, starts from Hokühler Bucht.