For Sauerlanders it is THE metropolis, for the neighboring Ruhrgebiet it is the relaxing forest town on the doorstep. Between the Ruhrtal and Lenne valleys, between river meadows and low mountain ranges, there is plenty of countryside. We cultivate quirky customs and live a casual lifestyle. Today vegetables directly from the farm, tomorrow shopping in the city. Simply beautiful.

A relaxed round around the Seilersee awaits you - in the evening even with the lights on - or at the same place an adrenaline kick at the favorites of the ice hockey league. As a likeable underdog as charming as the entire city. Where else is worth the trip:

Historic factory site Maste-Barendorf: For friends of industrial culture "needle of the world".

Dechenhöhle with German Cave Museum and spectacular stalactite scenery

Off to the city: lovingly maintained half-timbered houses and Wilhelminian style facades everywhere. With the applause of the Park Theater behind you, the sound of the city forest in your ears and the smell of coffee in your nose - welcome to Iserlohn!