Balve is located in the idyllic Hönnetal, between the Balver forest and the mountain ranges near the Sorpesee. Balve is best known for the Balver Höhle, the largest cultural cave in Germany, where concerts, theater performances and the fairy tale weeks regularly delight artists and visitors alike. The Ackerbürgerhäuser in the town center, the parish church of St. Blasius with original frescoes from the 12th century, the Reckenhöhle and the horse show grounds at Schloss Wocklum are popular destinations. In Balve-Wocklum there is the adventure museum "Luisenhütte", a blast furnace plant operated with water power and charcoal. In addition, the Museum of Prehistory and Early History invites visitors to a journey through time under the motto "Earth treasures, traces of man, 400 million years of Balve history".