All five districts in Südwestfalen - Soest District, Hochsauerland District, Olpe District, Märkischer Kreis and Siegen-Wittgenstein District - have taken part in the project and cyclists can enjoy the convenience of the junction system on around 3,300 kilometers in the region.

The tourist marketing of the cycle network has also been jointly supported by the South Südwestfalen districts. As part of the "Radwerkstatt Sauerland - Siegerland-Wittgenstein" project, information boards were designed, the "FahrRad - überraschend entspannt" information brochure was published, tour flyers were printed, photo shoots were carried out, image films were made, a website was set up and much more. The project was funded with a total of €280,000. 70 percent of the funding came from the Objective 2 program in NRW and therefore from EU and state funds, while the remaining 30 percent was financed by the five districts in Südwestfalen.

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